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Timothy Robinson

Hello, I'm Timothy Robinson, News Editor at, where I turn the world's chaos into digestible stories. Blessed with a journalism degree from UNT, I've been molding minds and spreading knowledge from the tranquil setting of Denver, CO. My days are spent in the throes of international affairs, political commentary, and local happenings, but when the laptop closes, you'll see a completely different side of me. I'm an avid tennis player and cycling enthusiast. I never shy away from a good adventure. My Labrador, Rocky, is always by my side as we explore the great outdoors of Colorado. Traveling is my stimulant. It's my way of stepping into new narratives, experiencing different cultures, and appreciating the beautiful tapestry of life. Each new place I visit fuels my creativity and broadens my perspective, which I pour back into my work at NewsRoomFeed. When I'm not on the road with Rocky or lost in a gripping news story, you'll find me on the tennis court or cycling around Denver. These hobbies keep me grounded and offer a refreshing escape from the digital universe. I believe in creating a balance between the hustle of work and the peace in nature. So, if you're looking for a fresh take on news, a travel companion, or an opponent on the tennis court, don't hesitate to connect. Let's turn the page on the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary!

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