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Pro-Hamas Protesters Attempt to Take Over FOX News Headquarters in New York City

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Left Wing Protesters Invade Fox News Headquarters

A group of left wing pro-Hamas protesters attempted to take over the headquarters of FOX News in New York City this week. These individuals, who claim to be against colonialism, ironically invade and try to take over the spaces of others.

Protesters Lack Understanding of Historical and Political Implications

More than half of these protesters likely do not even understand the historical and political implications of what they are protesting. Despite their lack of knowledge, they continue to push their agenda.

Hamas-Loving Protesters Target Fox News

A recently surfaced video reveals that a group of Hamas-loving protesters managed to enter the New York City headquarters of Fox News. These individuals are part of the ANSWER Coalition, a radically leftist and antisemitic group that has been behind many Pro-Hamas rallies in recent weeks.

Chanting and Drumming in the Lobby

Approximately 30 protesters rushed the lobby of the News Corp building, home to Fox News. One of the demonstrators banged a drum while the mob chanted, "Fox News, Fox News, you can't hide, your lies cover up genocide."

Continued Lack of Consequences

When will anyone on the left face any real consequences for this kind of behavior? It just keeps happening and nothing is done about it.

See the video below:

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