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Georgia Citizen Uncovers Errors in State Election Recounts

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Government Agencies Ignore Errors, Governor Kemp Takes Action

After the 2020 Election, a Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) was conducted by Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office. Thanks to the perseverance of Georgia citizen Joseph Rossi, 36 errors were discovered in the Fulton County data. Despite being turned down and ignored multiple times, Rossi eventually brought the errors to the attention of Governor Kemp and his team. Unlike other government agencies, Kemp's office took action and assigned a team of four individuals to investigate Rossi's findings. They spent 8 weeks confirming the errors, doing the work that the Secretary of State's Office should have done a year earlier.

State Elections Board Launches Investigation into Fulton County Data

As a result of Rossi's work, the Georgia State Elections Board initiated an investigation into the Fulton County data from the RLA report. Known as SEB2021-181, this investigation uncovered violations and errors in the recounts of the 2020 Election in Fulton County.

New Complaint Reveals More Issues in Fulton County

A new complaint filed on July 8, 2022, specifically called out 3125 duplicate ballot counts and 17,852 votes counted without a corresponding ballot image. This complaint led to the creation of investigation SEB2023-25, which is now complete. The results of this investigation will be presented to the State Elections Board on December 19, 2023. The Board has categorized this complaint as "violations found."

Secretary of State's Office Accused of Lying About Recount Accuracy

Today's article reveals that the Secretary of State's Office misled the public about the accuracy of the recounts in Georgia. Despite evidence of errors and violations, the office, along with the Attorney General's Office and the Georgia State Elections Board, has been working to exonerate the Secretary of State from any responsibility for these mistakes.

Inquiry Opened Regarding Election Code Violations

There is an ongoing inquiry before the Georgia State Elections Board (SEBBI2023-001) regarding Election Code Violations committed by the Secretary of State.

Email Exchange Raises Questions about Tally Sheets and Accuracy

Gabriel Sterling from the Secretary of State's Office emailed Joseph Rossi on February 9, 2021, stating that all tally sheets were available online. However, when Rossi reviewed the tally sheets for Fulton County, he found errors and pointed them out to Sterling. Sterling then admitted that not all documents were scanned to digital files. This raises concerns about the accuracy of the data posted on the Secretary of State's website and the credibility of their statements.

Conflicting Statements from Secretary of State's Office

Conflicting statements from Gabriel Sterling, a representative of the Secretary of State's Office, raise further doubts about the accuracy of the recounts. While Sterling initially claimed that the hand retally showed no multiple ballot scans, he later stated at a hearing in June 2022 that if there had been multiple scans without corresponding physical ballots, the counts would have been higher. This contradicts the earlier claim that the hand audit was "dead on accurate." Secretary of State Raffensperger also admitted in a radio interview that there were thousands of vote counting errors in the Fulton RLA report posted on the Secretary of State's website.

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It is clear that there are significant issues with the accuracy of the recounts in Georgia, and the Secretary of State's Office is facing scrutiny for their handling of the election. As the investigations continue, the truth about the 2020 Election in Georgia may finally be revealed.