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Geert Wilders’ Party Scores Big Win in Dutch Election, but Ruling Party Refuses to Negotiate

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Defeated Ruling Party Refuses to Negotiate

After a landslide victory for Geert Wilders' Dutch patriotic Freedom Party PVV, the defeated ruling People's Party VVD has announced that they will not negotiate with the winners. This decision has sparked controversy, with Wilders warning, "Don't play games with the will of the people – it will only make us much, much bigger."

Wilders Calls Out the VVD

Wilders criticized the VVD People's Party for their refusal to consider negotiations, pointing out that the VVD previously governed with the Soros-backed pro-Open Borders party D66, which he claims caused the asylum disaster that led to the downfall of the government. Wilders expressed frustration, stating, "The vast majority of VVD voters want a right-wing cabinet."

People's Party Voters Want Coalition with Freedom Party

A staggering 77% of People's Party voters want their party to join forces with the Freedom Party in a coalition government. However, People's Party leader Dilan Yeşilgöz has made it clear that her party would at most tolerate a Wilders government, but would not join it.

Supporters Express Disappointment

People's Party supporters have expressed their disappointment with the party's decision. One voter told Hart van Nederland, "If I had known that the People's Party would drop out, I would have voted for the Freedom Party." Another supporter stated, "I think the People's Party is abandoning the voter. We voted for them for a right-wing cabinet, but I didn't want to vote for Wilders. This is really terrible! I often voted for the People's Party but am now really disappointed."

Wilders Calls for Cooperation

Geert Wilders took to Twitter to call for cooperation, saying, "The Freedom Party must govern. The people have spoken. And made us the biggest party in the Netherlands. That's called democracy. Don't play games with it. Work with us to deliver justice on the election results and solve problems for people. Otherwise, we will only become much, much bigger."

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