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San Francisco Business Owner Says He’s ‘Done’ with the City

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San Francisco has long been battling issues such as homelessness, drug use, and crime. While the city's struggles have been well-documented, we rarely hear about the impact on law-abiding citizens trying to make a living. Now, one business owner is speaking out, claiming that the city cares more about drug addicts, criminals, and the homeless than anyone else.

Business Owner Blames Government for City's Decline

A longtime business owner in San Francisco, Mark Sackett, is condemning local leaders for failing to keep the city safe for small businesses. Sackett, who owns a building with multiple businesses, including a printmaker, antiques shop, and events venue, says he is facing financial ruin because he cannot refinance his $2.5 million mortgage due in February. As a result, his building is scheduled to be auctioned at a massive loss in January, and he believes his other businesses will be forced to close as well.

Sackett blames the neighborhood's widespread drug use, violence, and filthy streets for his inability to address his loan. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the area has deteriorated to the worst condition Sackett has ever experienced, especially since the pandemic. He reveals that next door to his building is a drug sobering center that opened last year, and people often smoke fentanyl at his building's loading dock. He also shares that his staff had to use pepper spray on four individuals attempting to break in, and he was attacked with a knife last year. Currently, there is a broken window that will cost him around $4,000 to replace.

The City's Dangerous Game

Sackett's story highlights a larger issue facing San Francisco. What happens when more business owners reach their breaking point and decide to leave the city, taking their tax revenue with them? The consequences could be dire. Eventually, there will be a tipping point that cannot be stopped.