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Judge Locks Up TikTok Prankster for Rude and Dangerous Videos

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Reputation for Insensitive Videos

A judge has sentenced a TikTok prankster to 18 weeks in detention after he developed a reputation for posting rude, harassing, and dangerous videos on the social media platform. The prankster, known as "Mizzy," became a pariah in England for his insensitive videos, which included invading random homes, stealing a pet dog, and harassing a young schoolboy.

Defiant Prankster Faces Consequences

Despite multiple arrests and court orders, the prankster, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, remained defiant. He dismissed the charges and claimed his videos were a result of a desire for fame and sponsorships. However, the judge did not find his excuses valid and sentenced O'Garro to detention in a young offender's institution.

Judge Calls Out Disrespectful Behavior

After rendering his verdict, the judge emphasized the seriousness of O'Garro's actions. He stated that the pranks caused harm and distress to innocent members of the public, and that the defendant's claims about weak laws were unfounded. The judge made it clear that the pranks were not funny and that O'Garro needed to understand the seriousness of his situation.

Sentence and Consequences

In addition to the 18-week detention, O'Garro was fined for trespassing and banned from using any social media for two years. Detective Chief Inspector Yasmin Lalani of the Met Police approved of the sentence, stating that it sends a loud and clear message that nobody is above the law.

Impact on Video Prankster Trend

The rise of platforms like YouTube and TikTok has given rise to the trend of "video pranksters," whose stunts are often disruptive, destructive, and distressing. However, with cases like O'Garro's, it is possible that this trend will be dialed back. It is important to hold individuals accountable for their actions and the harm they cause to others.