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Salon Magazine’s Fearmongering Thanksgiving Article Attacks Trump and his Supporters

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Trump's Plan to Become America's First Dictator

Salon Magazine's senior politics writer Chauncey Devega has penned a fearmongering article just in time for Thanksgiving, targeting former President Donald Trump and those who plan to vote for him in 2024. In the article titled 'Democracy's last Thanksgiving,' Devega warns that Trump and his allies are plotting to make him America's first de facto dictator, spelling the end of the country's democracy.

Trump's Triumph Over Biden

Despite the media's portrayal, Trump is trouncing Biden in every rigged poll. With skyrocketing inflation, exploding manufacturing plants, and the Biden administration's mishandling of the Covid mandates, Americans are suffering from the fallout of the current regime's catastrophic blunders. Biden's incoherence and incompetence have set new low standards for the commander-in-chief, while Trump is faring better than Biden in polls and leading in key battleground states.

Americans Are Stupid, Devega Claims

Devega argues that Trump's success is due to the stupidity of the American people. He asserts that most Americans are politically disengaged, lack a sophisticated understanding of political matters, and have a difficult time grasping complex information. According to Devega, the average voter's decisions are based on irrational concerns that professionals find hard to comprehend.

Foul Play and Trump's Potential Return to Power

Devega suggests that Trump's support extends across party lines, but foul play will ultimately tip the election in his favor. He points to the Electoral College, voter nullification, voter suppression, and gerrymandering as structural failings in American democracy that could pave the way for Trump's return to power in 2025.

The Media's Failure to Portray "Dictator Trump"

Devega laments that the media and so-called experts have failed to convince the public that Trump is a fascist dictator. He argues that discussions about America's "democracy crisis" and warnings of fascism are often ignored or dismissed as partisan bickering. Devega believes that the mainstream news media and political class have largely failed in their duty to make the stakes and implications of Trump's return to power clear to the average person.

The Last Thanksgiving in a Democracy?

Devega concludes his article by suggesting that this might be the last Thanksgiving where Americans will live in a relatively secure democracy. He emphasizes the need to educate ignorant Americans about the GOP's alleged subversion of democracy and features analysis from various experts who support his Trump Doomsday fantasy scenario.

Experts Fear the Worst under Trump's Potential Reelection

Devega highlights the concerns of several experts who fear the consequences of Trump's return to power. Brynn Tannehill worries about the transgender community being forced to "detransition" if Republicans regain control. Rick Wilson fears being targeted by the DOJ if Trump is reelected. Cheri Jacobus, a former Republican National Committee media spokesperson, holds onto hope that justice will prevail despite what she describes as "8 years of Trump thuggery, bigotry, and treason."

Americans Respond with Anger and Criticism

Salon's Thanksgiving tribute to Trump and its attack on his supporters did not sit well with many Americans. Social media users accused Salon of fearmongering and spreading deceitful information. One user questioned Salon's "anti-America" agenda, while another expressed exhaustion with the magazine's fear-based tactics.