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Capitol Police Accused of Brutally Shoving Elderly Woman Down Stairs

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Did the Capitol Police intentionally antagonize J6 protesters?

A shocking video has resurfaced on social media showing a Capitol Police officer forcefully shoving an elderly woman down a set of stairs outside the US Capitol on January 6. The video, originally posted by Twitter user Mr. Reagan, has sparked outrage and raised questions about the behavior of law enforcement during the J6 protests.

Police allegedly pushed woman down stairs twice, igniting the crowd

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on this incident of police abuse back in March. According to their sources, the Capitol Police not only pushed the woman down the stairs once, but twice! This brutal display of force allegedly served as the catalyst for the crowd's anger that day.

Jeffrey McKellop, a J6 prisoner, spoke with The Gateway Pundit from his prison cell and described the horrific event. McKellop claims that the actions of the Capitol Police were premeditated and designed to incite a riot. The video includes McKellop's firsthand account, further highlighting the alleged misconduct of law enforcement.

Video resurfaces, reigniting controversy

The video, originally shared by NOVA Campaigns, recently gained renewed attention after being spliced together with McKellop's voice-over. The footage captures the moment the J6 crowd erupted in response to the elderly woman being thrown down the stairs not once, but three times.

Full interview with J6 prisoner

The Gateway Pundit's article also includes a full interview with Jeffrey McKellop, where he discusses his experiences and opinions on the events of January 6. Readers interested in learning more about his perspective can find the interview on The Gateway Pundit's website.

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