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Stop the Globalist Assault on Chile: The Battle for Sovereignty

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Introduction: Chile's Path to Chaos and Tyranny

Chile is on the brink of destruction, but there is hope. On December 17th, Chileans will vote on a new constitution that could determine the future of their country. Guest author Sven von Storch sheds light on the globalist assault on national sovereignty in Chile and why it's crucial to fight back.

The True Goals of the New Constitution Proposal

The new constitution proposal is not what it seems. Behind the promises of benefits for Chileans lies a sinister agenda. The aim is to destabilize and destroy Chile as a nation-state, leaving its citizens without sovereignty and turning them into second-class citizens in their own territory. We must unite to defend Chile's current constitution and prevent this takeover.

The Rise of Hybrid Warfare

Chile, like the United States, has been under attack for years by external and globalist actors. This assault comes in the form of a hybrid war, which doesn't involve conventional weapons but rather soft power tactics. Covert operations, infiltration, and manipulation of key institutions are used to weaken and ultimately destroy the country from within. Chile's sovereignty is at stake.

The Targets of Hybrid Warfare

In a hybrid war, the focus is on "hearts and minds" of the citizens. The goal is to implant fears, ideas, ideologies, perceptions, and guilt into their minds, dividing them and manipulating their behavior. The ordinary citizen's mind becomes the weapon of choice. Chileans must be aware of these tactics and stand strong against them.

The Implications of Voting Yes

Voting in favor of the proposed constitution means surrendering Chile to the same external forces that have been attempting to destabilize and destroy the country for years. This will bring extreme instability and misery, leading to the destruction of Chile as it is known today. It means handing over Chile to a despotic and totalitarian regime controlled by globalist elites.

The Call to Action: Voting No

To save Chile from this tragedy, patriots must unite and vote against the fake constitution. Voting No means restoring the security and sovereignty of Chile. It means reclaiming Chile as our home and regaining control of our own destiny. We have the power to stop this political fraud and secure a future of freedom for Chile.

Join the Fight for Chile's Freedom

The patriots of Chile have already begun mobilizing, but the fight is far from over. We must rally everyone we know and double our personal efforts. By voting against the fake constitution, we can lay the foundation for a future of freedom and sovereignty. Let us raise the Chilean flag high once again and reclaim our home.

Conclusion: Triumph and Freedom for Chile

Together, we can triumph and regain our freedom and sovereignty. Let us stand strong against the globalist assault on Chile and protect our nation from chaos and tyranny. Long live Chile. God bless Chile and its families.

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