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Ireland in Shock After Stabbing Attack Near School

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Conor McGregor Speaks Out

Ireland is still reeling after multiple people, including children, were stabbed near a school in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday. Five-time world champion MMA fighter Conor McGregor has weighed in on the vicious assault on the innocent children. McGregor posted on social media, "Ireland, we are at war."

McGregor Rewards Heroes

Following the attack, McGregor has rewarded those who stepped in to stop the assailant. Delivery driver Caio Benicio, who neutralized the perpetrator with his bicycle helmet, has been invited to eat for free for life at McGregor's establishment, The Black Forge Inn. McGregor also made the same offer to Warren Donohoe, the father of a young autistic girl who ran to the nearby hospital to get help.

Outrage and Calls for Change

The knife attack rampage has sparked riots and protests in Dublin, with Irish citizens demanding stricter immigration policies. The individual responsible for the stabbing spree is believed to be an Algerian migrant, according to reports. McGregor has been vocal about the incident, calling for changes to Irish residency laws to curtail immigration. He stated, "There is grave danger among us in Ireland that should never be here in the first place, and there has been zero action done to support the public in any way, shape, or form with this frightening fact. Make change or make way. Ireland for the victory."