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Jewish Teacher Forced into Hiding as Students Riot Over Pro-Israel Rally

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Queens High School Erupts in Chaos

A Jewish teacher at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, was forced into hiding as hundreds of students rioted in the hallways. The chaos erupted after students discovered that the teacher had attended a pro-Israel rally and posted a photo of herself holding a sign that said, 'I stand with Israel'.

Planned Protest Turns Violent

According to The New York Post, what started as a planned protest quickly turned violent. Students created a group chat to expose the teacher and discuss starting a riot. Many students attempted to barge into the teacher's classroom, despite efforts by school staff to block their entry.

'Free Palestine!' and 'Teacher Needs to Go!'

During the riot, students were heard shouting 'Free Palestine!' and demanding that the teacher be removed. Videos of the rampage were shared on social media, further escalating the situation.

Teacher Seeks Safety

The terrified teacher was forced to go into hiding due to the threats and chaos surrounding her. The incident has raised concerns about the safety and well-being of educators in the school.

DEI Radicalization and Mob Mentality

This incident highlights the dangers of radicalization and the impact of mob mentality among students. The pursuit of oppressor/victim narratives and the use of social media to amplify tensions have contributed to the escalation of this situation.

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