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Journalist Poses as Hamas Supporter in Prank Call to Harvard, Exposes Troubling Admissions Response

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Testing the Limits of "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion"

Satirist and journalist Racheli Rottner decided to investigate just how far colleges would go to uphold their commitment to "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion." In a shocking prank call to Harvard University's Admissions Office, Rottner posed as a Hamas supporter seeking financial aid for her terrorist son, exposing a disconcerting response from the admissions officer.

A Real Call, Not a Sketch

Rottner clarified that the prank call was not staged or a sketch. She wanted to emphasize the authenticity of the conversation and dispel any doubts about its legitimacy.

The Request for a "Massacre Scholarship"

In the call, "Jamaa" (Rottner) asked the admissions officer if there was a political activism scholarship available for her son, who was involved in the October 7 fight. When told that all scholarships were needs-based, Jamaa inquired if it would help if her son mentioned his participation in a massacre.

A Surprising Response

Despite the shocking nature of the request, the admissions officer did not hang up. Instead, they stated that the student's activities would be considered as part of the application process, indicating that it could potentially be an advantage.

Pushing the Boundaries

Jamaa continued to make outrageous statements, including mentioning that her son only killed people and did not rape any captives, emphasizing his respect for gender self-definition. The admissions officer, although beginning to sound uncomfortable, did not terminate the call.

Why Satire?

Rottner turned to satire as an avenue to address the war without directly engaging with Hamas. She was inspired by American Jewish actress Mayim Bialik's confessional about antisemitism in America and incidents at Harvard, where Jewish and Israeli students faced hostility from Hamas supporters and anti-Israel demonstrators.

Harvard's Troubling Antisemitic Events

Harvard has been the site of numerous disturbing antisemitic incidents following the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7. Thirty-one student groups at Harvard even signed a letter blaming Israel for the attack. Only after pressure from influential business voices did Harvard University President Claudine Gay release a statement condemning Hamas and its supporters.

Watch the video of the prank call here.


This prank call to Harvard's Admissions Office raises serious concerns about the university's commitment to "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" and the potential for bias in the admissions process. It also highlights the ongoing issue of antisemitism on college campuses across the United States.