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It’s Time to End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat: A No Shit Analysis

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Finally Waking Up

It took Eugene B. Rumer 22 months, but he's finally realizing that the Ukraine project is failing. In his Wall Street Journal op-ed, Rumer reluctantly admits that Russia is winning and that it's time to end the fantasy.

Russia's Economy: Battered or Booming?

Rumer claims that Russia's economy is "battered," but the numbers tell a different story. With 4% growth, a thriving defense industry, and booming stores, it's clear that Russia is far from battered.

Russia's Winning Streak

Contrary to Rumer's claim, there are plenty of indications that Russia is winning. Moscow's air defense system has thwarted Ukraine's attempts to damage Russian military assets, and the Russian Army is making progress in Avdeeka.

Putin's Foreign Policy Success

Rumer admits that Putin's foreign-policy investments have paid off, with China and India becoming important economic partners. Despite this, Rumer still clings to the idea that the West can "isolate" Russia.

Containment as a Solution

Rumer suggests a policy of containment, which involves continuing Western sanctions, isolating Russia diplomatically, and strengthening NATO defense capabilities. But is this really a viable solution?

The Bullshit of Foreign Policy

Rumer's article showcases the delusion that infects Washington's foreign policy gurus. They fail to recognize Russia's hard power, advanced technology, and self-sufficiency in energy and rare earth minerals.

The Reality of a Changing World

The United States must face the reality that the world is changing, and its position as the top dog is not guaranteed. Rumer and his ilk cling to outdated doctrines while ignoring the emerging geopolitical reality.

A Self-Defeating Delusion

The United States political class continues to treat Russia as an enemy, refusing to acknowledge the need for equal dialogue. The blame for America's internal issues cannot be placed on Russia, but rather on its own government and ruling class.

Time to Clean Up

America must look in the mirror and address its own problems before lecturing other nations. With a fractured country and a failure to address issues like education, border control, and crime, America lacks the moral authority it claims to have.