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Survivor of Mao’s China Warns: America is Falling for the Same Tricks!

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An American legal immigrant who escaped from communist China is raising an alarm about the 'woke' movement of the left, comparing it to the Cultural Revolution in China. Xi Van Fleet, who personally experienced the horrors of living under China's communist dictator Mao Zedong, recently spoke to Glenn Beck about her concerns.

Background: From Mao's China to America

Xi Van Fleet grew up in communist China and survived the cultural revolution. As a young school girl, she was forced into the countryside for re-education. After escaping communism, she came to America. Now, 30 years later, she sees the same signs in America that she saw as a child in China.

The Disturbing Similarities

According to Van Fleet, the indoctrination of children in America is eerily similar to what she experienced in China. She claims that the left wants to replace tradition with something new, just like Maoism in China. She warns that Marxism paints a beautiful picture but ultimately leads to a dangerous future.

Watch the Video

Want to hear more from Xi Van Fleet herself? Watch the full video of her conversation with Glenn Beck below:

Listen to Her Warning

Xi Van Fleet's message is clear: we should be paying attention to the dangers that the American left poses. As someone who has witnessed the future they envision, she believes it's important to sound the alarm. The 'woke' movement may not be what it seems, and we should take heed.

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