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Donald Trump Makes Iconic Entrance at UFC Event, Receives Overwhelming Support from Crowd

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The Right-Wing Avengers

Former President Donald Trump made a grand entrance at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 295 event in New York City over the weekend. Accompanied by Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson, and UFC President Dana White, Trump's arrival at Madison Square Garden was described as reminiscent of a superhero film by comedian and longtime UFC color commentator Joe Rogan.

A Massive Energy Shift

Rogan highlighted the massive energy shift in Trump's favor during the event. In the past, Trump received a mix of cheers and boos at UFC events, but this time, the entire crowd was cheering for him. Rogan described the atmosphere as "f***ing bananas" and emphasized the overwhelming support Trump received.

A Bud Light Moment

Amidst the near-unanimous love for Trump, Nia Renee Hill, wife of comedian Bill Burr, made headlines as a lone dissenter. Hill flipped two middle fingers in Trump's direction, but Rogan brushed it off as a humorous moment. He compared it to a "Bud Light moment," suggesting that Hill or her husband might face backlash similar to Bud Light's controversial woke partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Cheers Lasted Over a Minute

Rogan described the cheers for Trump lasting for more than a minute, with the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs in support of the former president. He emphasized the overwhelming positive response Trump received from the audience.

Trump's Enemies Fear the Energy

Trump's enemies are reportedly terrified of the energy and support he continues to garner. Despite two impeachments and four indictments, Trump's popularity only seems to grow. His supporters cheer him on as he promises to root out those he perceives as threats to the country.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.