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Sean Hannity’s New Christmas Comedy Special ‘Jingle Smells’ Lampoons Cancel Culture and AI

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Sean Hannity Takes on the Entertainment Industry

Conservative political commentator Sean Hannity has ventured into the world of entertainment with his new Christmas comedy special, 'Jingle Smells'.

An Up-to-the-Minute Take on Christmas

'Jingle Smells' is a timely comedy that tackles hot-button issues like cancel culture and artificial intelligence technology.

Premiering on Rumble

The special made history by becoming the first non-documentary feature to debut on the free-speech video platform, Rumble.

The Plot

'Jingle Smells' follows the story of a Hollywood star who faces cancellation after expressing his patriotic views. In a twist of events, his performance is digitally replaced by AI, and his action figure toys are ordered to be destroyed.

All-Star Cast

The special features familiar faces such as John Schneider, Jim Breuer, Eric Roberts, and more.

Trailer Now Available

Get a sneak peek of 'Jingle Smells' by watching the trailer below:

Where to Watch

If you're interested in watching the special, it is available for streaming on Rumble. You can find it here.

A Pleasant Surprise

It's refreshing to see Sean Hannity collaborate with a talented cast to bring something new and entertaining for the holiday season.

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