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Biden Campaign Crafts 2024 Message: Trump Will Make Border Crisis Worse

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The Biden campaign and Democrats are reportedly preparing a message for voters in 2024 that suggests former President Donald Trump will exacerbate the current border crisis. However, many people, including Democrats, find this claim hard to believe.

The Border Situation Under Trump

Just a few years ago, during the Trump administration, the United States had its most secure border ever. However, since President Biden took office, it seems like we no longer have a functioning southern border. Millions of people have illegally crossed into the country, prompting even residents of Democratic-led cities to express anger over the situation.

This messaging tactic from the Biden camp and Democrats is being seen as gaslighting, plain and simple.

Biden's 2024 Pitch

According to Breitbart News, President Biden's campaign is already previewing their 2024 theme, with immigration as the central issue. Their claim is that Donald Trump will only make the border chaos worse.

A Thanksgiving Day script from the Biden campaign states, "He’s promising to make it worse: Rounding up Latinos into mass detention camps, ending birthright citizenship, and shooting people at will."

What this pitch conveniently ignores is Biden's own track record on border control.

Biden's Border Record

Since 2021, Biden has been accused of helping his corporate donors by allowing millions of migrants from impoverished countries to flood the U.S. labor and housing markets. These migrants have mostly gravitated toward major Democrat-run cities, leading to increased inflation, decreased wages, and a drain on job creation in heartland states.

Contrasting this, Trump's border policies were credited with helping Americans secure better jobs with higher wages and find affordable housing.

Those who live on the border have firsthand knowledge of the situation and are speaking out.

Endorsement for Trump

One prominent endorsement comes from Rep. Monica D. Lopez-Castro, who tweeted, "Today, I am proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for President. Now more than ever, America needs a President who will secure the border and prioritize national security."

She goes on to highlight the stark difference between Trump's border plan and Biden's policies, stating, "We had the safest border in American history. Under President Joe Biden, we have seen the most unsecure, open border policies EVER in American history with over 450%…”

It's clear that even Democrats understand the reality of the situation, but they are reluctant to advocate for shutting down the border, especially with Biden in office.