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Protesters Accuse Joe Biden of Genocide at Nantucket Christmas Tree Lighting

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Chaos at Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

President Joe Biden attended the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Nantucket, Massachusetts on Friday evening. However, the event took an unexpected turn when far-left protestors disrupted the festivities and directed their anger towards Biden.

Accusations and Chants

The protesters chanted, "Biden! Biden! You can't hide! We caught you in genocide!" Their accusations of genocide aimed at the President caused a stir among the crowd gathered for the festive event. The incident was captured on video and quickly spread on social media.

Heckling and Disruption

Not only were there accusations and chants, but Biden was also heckled by the far-left protesters before he entered the Brotherhood of Thieves for lunch. As he walked down Broad Street, protesters shouted, "Free Palestine!" This disruption added to the tense atmosphere surrounding the President's visit to Nantucket.

Saluting a Nantucket Onlooker

While facing the protests, President Biden did find a moment of unity. He noticed an onlooker wearing a hat that read "USS Nantucket," and he stopped to salute the person before entering the restaurant. This small gesture provided a brief respite from the chaos surrounding the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

Watch the Videos

To witness the chaotic scenes and the accusations hurled at President Biden, check out the videos below:

VIDEO: Protestors at a Christmas tree lighting in Nantucket chant and accuse Biden of "genocide."

WATCH: Pro-Palestinian protestors at the #Nantucket tree lighting ceremony with President Biden just yards away.

As tensions continue to rise in the political landscape, events like the Nantucket Christmas Tree Lighting serve as reminders of the challenges faced by public figures, even during seemingly festive occasions.

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