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Infowars Host Alex Jones Claims DOJ is Railroading January 6 Defendants and Torturing Political Prisoners

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Alex Jones Reluctant to Air Interviews with Political Prisoners Due to DOJ Interference

Infowars host Alex Jones recently discussed how the Department of Justice (DOJ) and federal judiciary are allegedly mistreating January 6 defendants and torturing political prisoners. Jones revealed that he is hesitant to air interviews with the prisoners because the DOJ penalizes them each time they appear on his broadcast. He criticized the government for their treatment of J6 political hostage Joseph Biggs and his co-host Owen Shroyer.

Jones Accuses DOJ of Lying to Judge About Shroyer's Employment with Infowars

Jones blasted the Justice Department for lying to Judge Kelly, claiming that Shroyer was not an employee of Infowars despite hosting a broadcast on the network for the past seven years. Jones expressed his frustration with the government's deception and accused them of being "beyond criminal."

Judge Scolds Shroyer for Being Unremorseful During Sentencing Hearing

Judge Kelly scolded Shroyer during his sentencing hearing for being unremorseful about protesting election fraud and continuing to insist that the election was stolen on his show.

Founder of Advocacy Organization Describes FBI Confrontation and Raid

Trennis Evans, founder of the legal advocacy organization Condemned USA, described his first confrontation with the FBI on January 17, 2021, for his role in the Capitol riot. He stated that he cooperated with law enforcement and did not engage in any violence or destruction of property. However, the FBI raided his home on March 4, which happened to be the day he was supposed to identify his father-in-law's body at a funeral home.

DOJ Accused of Fabricating Events to Justify Raids and Torture

Evans warned that the DOJ is fabricating the events of January 6 to justify the raids, over-prosecution, over-sentencing, and alleged torture of the so-called "terrorists." He believes the fight to expose these injustices must be carried out in the courts and in Congress.

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