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Flawed Historical Analogies Led to Underestimation of Russia’s Resilience in Ukraine, Says Article

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Author Andrei Martyanov Critiques Misleading Statistics in Robert English's Article

Andrei Martyanov criticizes Robert English for misrepresenting the statistics surrounding the Battle of Kursk. While English makes some valid points about the failure of U.S. and NATO planners to understand the cause of the Ukrainian debacle, Martyanov argues that English's analysis is flawed by false assumptions about Russia.

Russia Did Not Suffer Mass Casualties or Use "Human Wave" Attacks

Contrary to popular belief, Russia did not suffer mass casualties or use "human wave" attacks in Ukraine. Martyanov argues that the Russian General Staff entered Ukraine with a smaller force but had confidence in their ability to deal effectively with a larger Ukrainian Army. Russia conducted operations designed to minimize casualties and used missiles, artillery, and drones to target Ukrainian forces.

Russia's Military Industrial Competence and Ignorance of the West

Martyanov agrees with English's observation that the West underestimated Russia's military industrial competence. Russia has consistently outproduced the West in tanks, artillery, shells, bombs, drones, and missiles. Martyanov questions why Western intelligence analysts are ignorant of Russia's industrial capability and emphasizes that the United States and Europe lack the ability to match Russia's production.

Ukraine, Not Russia, Suffers Heavy Losses

Contrary to popular belief, it is Ukraine that is being bloodied on a horrific scale, not Russia. Martyanov argues that Russia is using its resources to demilitarize Ukraine rather than needlessly sacrificing its soldiers. He highlights the grotesque measure of sending women, including pregnant women, to fight in the trenches and emphasizes that Russia is using its arsenal of artillery, drones, and aerial bombs to achieve its objectives.

Washington Needs to Understand Russia's Capacity for Production

Martyanov concludes by stating that Washington needs to understand that Russia has the capability to produce more bombs, rockets, missiles, shells, tanks, drones, and aircraft than the West combined. He argues that this message needs to be heard in order to properly assess the situation in Ukraine.

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