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Car Crashes and Bursts into Flames at U.S.-Canadian Border: Not Terrorism, Just a Stolen Vehicle Gone Wrong

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Video Shows Dramatic Car Crash

Earlier today, news broke of a car that crashed and burst into flames at the U.S. side of the Canadian border, and the mainstream media wasted no time in speculating about terrorism. However, a closer look at the video reveals that this was not an act of terrorism at all.

Not a Tesla

Before seeing the video, some may have suspected that the vehicle involved in the crash was a Tesla. But upon closer inspection, it is clear that the car had a grill on the front and spray from the ruptured gas tank, which caused the vehicle to burst into flames upon impact. Gasoline and hot engines can be a dangerous combination.

Stolen Vehicle from a Nearby Casino

Subsequent news reports indicate that the car involved in the crash was stolen from a nearby casino. This explains why the individuals in the car chose to speed up and evade capture, ultimately heading towards Canada in an attempt to find refuge. Unfortunately, their plan did not succeed, and they tragically lost their lives in the fiery crash.

Not a Car Bomb

Contrary to initial speculation, this incident was not a car bomb. If it had been, the small white building near the crash site would not still be standing, and there would be evidence of a blast wave and shrapnel. Fox News, among other news outlets, overreacted to the situation and falsely labeled it as a terrorist attack.

Car Bomb Comparison

For those curious about what a real car bomb looks like, check out this video filmed in the Sinai. The difference is clear.

It is important to rely on accurate information and avoid jumping to conclusions when it comes to incidents like these. This serves as a reminder that not everything is what it seems, and it is crucial to wait for all the facts before making assumptions.

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