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Secret China Biolab Discovered in California: Shocking Details Revealed

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Illegal Alien Owner Funded by Chinese Communist Government

Rep. Mike Gallagher from the House Intelligence Committee dropped a bombshell during his appearance on Sunday Morning Futures. He exposed details about a secret biolab in California that was operated by an illegal alien from China. Not only that, but the lab was funded by the Chinese Communist government.

Unknown Number of Secret Biolabs in the US

During the interview, Gallagher expressed concerns about the prevalence of these secret biolabs across the country. He revealed that the exact number is unknown, and even the FBI and the president wouldn't know where to begin if they were asked to investigate. This lack of knowledge poses a significant risk to national security.

Disturbing Lack of Safeguards and Tripwires

Gallagher highlighted the absence of safeguards and tripwires that could prevent hostile actors from acquiring dangerous pathogens to harm America. He revealed that the Chinese citizen who operated the biolab had purchased pathogens like Ebola, tuberculosis, and HIV online. This alarming revelation exposes a major vulnerability in our domestic national security.

Failures in Response and Investigation

When local officials discovered the biolab, they immediately alerted the FBI and the CDC. However, both agencies responded inadequately. The FBI claimed they couldn't investigate since there were no ties to weapons of mass destruction, while the CDC initially hung up on the officials. It took months and the intervention of a local congressman to finally get the CDC to send a team to investigate. This failure in response and investigation raises serious concerns about our ability to protect against potential pathogens.

Can We Trust the Chinese Communist Party?

Gallagher emphasized that the pandemic has shown us that we cannot trust the Chinese Communist Party when it comes to issues of public health. The biolab discovery further underscores the need to be vigilant against potential threats from China and to take stronger measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Did the CDC and FBI Know About the Biolab?

Based on the investigation conducted by Gallagher's committee, it was revealed that neither the CDC nor the FBI knew about the existence of the biolab until local officials discovered it. The lack of immediate action and investigation by these agencies raises questions about their knowledge and involvement.

Alarming Findings and Suspicious Activities

The investigation uncovered numerous alarming findings and suspicious activities associated with the biolab. These include Chinese citizens in lab coats, vials labeled in Mandarin with pathogens like Ebola and HIV, and unexplained wire transfers totaling over $2 million from China. These discoveries further highlight the troubling nature of the biolab and its operations.

In conclusion, the revelation of a secret China biolab operated by an illegal alien and funded by the Chinese Communist government in California has brought to light serious concerns about national security and the need for stronger safeguards against potential threats. The failures in response and investigation by the FBI and CDC raise questions about their knowledge and involvement in the matter. This shocking discovery serves as a stark reminder that we cannot trust the Chinese Communist Party when it comes to public health issues. It is imperative that further action is taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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