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Former NYPD Officer Requests Information on NYC’s Support of Mayor Eric Adams in Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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Former NYPD Officer Fired for Associating with Roger Stone

Former NYPD Officer Sal Greco, who had an impeccable record at the NYPD, has made a request on behalf of all New Yorkers. He wants to know why the city is supporting Mayor Eric Adams in a sexual abuse lawsuit brought against him during his time at the NYC Transit Police.

Judge Allows Sal Greco's Case to Move Forward

Sal Greco, who was fired for being friends with Roger Stone, is now suing the NYPD for what he deems an unfair ruling. Greco argues that Mayor Adams has surrounded himself with felons, which led to his targeted removal from the NYPD.

Greco Files Open Records Request

In an effort to shed light on the situation, Greco has filed an Open Records Request to uncover the reasons behind the NYC Law Department's decision to support Mayor Adams in the sexual abuse case. The incident in question occurred years ago while Adams was a police officer at NYC Transit Police.

Greco tweeted his action, stating, "Today I filed this on behalf of all New York City Taxpayers with the NYC Law Department."

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