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British Activist Tommy Robinson Arrested at Anti-Semitism March

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Arrested for Journalism

After weeks of pro-Hamas rallies in London, British activist Tommy Robinson was arrested at a march against anti-semitism in London today. Robinson, known for his controversial journalism, was pepper-sprayed and once again arrested for the crime of journalism.

Police Harassment

According to Urban Scoop, while Tommy was having breakfast with his team, the Metropolitan Police began to harass and threaten him if he did not leave London. Despite the pressure, Tommy stood his ground and joined the march, livestreaming the event.

Violent Arrest

During the march, Tommy was surrounded by around 20 police officers who asked for his home address in front of the media. Tommy, confused, asked what he had done wrong, to which the officers had no answer. The situation escalated quickly as the officers handcuffed Tommy, pulled his arms behind his back, and pepper-sprayed him directly in the eyes. Tommy's distress was visible as his eyes looked scolded and he was in pain.

Unknown Location

Tommy was then bundled into a police riot van and taken to an unknown police station. As of now, his whereabouts are still unknown.

Social Media Outrage

The arrest of Tommy Robinson has caused a storm on social media, with 'Tommy Robinson' and '#TwoTierPolicing' trending. The entire British media is covering his arrest, and support for Tommy is pouring in.

Police Statement

The Metropolitan Police released a statement insisting that Tommy's presence was causing "fear for other participants." However, many are questioning the reasoning behind his arrest, suggesting it is a suppression of journalism.

UPDATE: The Metro Police released a statement. The police insist Tommy’s presence was causing "fear for other participants."

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