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House Speaker Releases January 6th Footage: No Insurrection?

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Truth and Transparency

House Speaker Mike Johnson has made good on his promise to release footage from the January 6th Capitol Hill security cameras to the general public. In a statement, Johnson emphasized the importance of truth and transparency, stating that this decision will allow millions of Americans, criminal defendants, public interest organizations, and the media to see for themselves what really happened that day. The footage is now accessible on the Committee on House Administration website.

No Insurrection

Upon the release of the January 6th footage, it becomes clear that there was no insurrection. The footage shows protestors peacefully entering and leaving the Capitol, with some even interacting with the police in a friendly manner. This contradicts the narrative that has been portrayed by the media and government officials.

Tragic Deaths

While reflecting on the newly released footage, it is important to remember the individuals who faced severe distress after being charged and facing public scrutiny in relation to the January 6th incident. Tragically, some of these individuals, including Matthew Perna, Jord Meachum, Mark Aungst, and Chris Stanton, have taken their own lives. The mental and emotional strain placed on them by the corrupt Department of Justice, the FBI, the media, and the January 6th Witch Hunt Committee is believed to have contributed to their untimely deaths.

The Story of Matthew Perna

Matthew Perna, a non-violent Trump supporter who was arrested after January 6th, committed suicide. He was never accused of violence or vandalism and simply walked inside the US Capitol. The newly released footage shows Matthew calmly walking through the Capitol alongside police. Despite pleading guilty to initial charges, Matthew was later informed by the DOJ that he would face more serious consequences. This, along with the constant delays in hearings and postponements, took a toll on Matthew's mental health and ultimately led to his tragic decision to take his own life.

The Tragic Loss of Nejourde Meacham, Mark Aungst, and Chris Stanton

Nejourde Meacham, a 22-year-old who was charged with misdemeanor crimes for walking inside the open doors of the Capitol, also took his own life. Similarly, Mark Aungst, a January 6th defendant who pleaded guilty to parading in the Capitol, committed suicide. Christopher Stanton Georgia, who was charged in the Capitol riot, also died by suicide. These individuals, like many others involved in the January 6th incident, were not violent offenders and had no criminal history. The immense pressure they faced from the media, the Left, and their own government took a devastating toll on their mental health.

A Call for Justice

The treatment of non-violent January 6th defendants raises questions about the fairness and justice of the system. Many of these individuals are pillars of their communities, with no prior criminal records. Yet, they have been treated worse than serial criminals by the media, the Left, and their own government. The question remains: how many more innocent individuals will have to suffer before politicians stand up to the Biden administration's Justice Department and the Jan 6 Witch Hunt Committee?

Rest in Peace, Patriots

In conclusion, we remember and honor the lives of Matthew Perna, Nejourde Meacham, Mark Aungst, and Chris Stanton. May they rest in peace.

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