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The Biden Administration Under Fire for Inviting Chinese and Russian Officials to U.S. Nuclear Testing Site

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Controversy Erupts Over Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm's Decision

The Biden administration is facing backlash after it was revealed that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm invited Chinese and Russian officials to tour a critical U.S. national security location. The site in question is the National Nuclear Security Administration site in Nevada, where sensitive nuclear experiments are carried out.

Republicans Demand Answers

A coalition of House Republicans, led by GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, are demanding answers and calling for President Biden to revoke the invitation. They argue that granting China and Russia "unprecedented access" to the nuclear testing site is a grave security risk for the United States.

Concerns Over China's Nuclear Expansion

The Department of Defense recently warned that China's nuclear expansion exceeds previous projections by the United States. With China's increasing capabilities, allowing them access to sensitive information about U.S. nuclear weapons could potentially give them an advantage and pose a threat to national security.

Stefanik Speaks Out

In an interview with Fox News, Elise Stefanik expressed her concerns about the invitation, stating that it would provide China and Russia with valuable insight into U.S. nuclear capabilities. She urged President Biden to revoke the invitation, emphasizing the need to protect American interests.

As of now, the Biden administration has not responded to the demands from House Republicans or addressed the controversy surrounding Jennifer Granholm's decision.