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Hamas Terrorists Delay Release of Second Group of Hostages to Israel

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Hamas and Israel Ceasefire Includes Return of 50 Hostages

Hamas terrorists have caused a delay in the release of a second group of hostages to Israel, despite a ceasefire agreement between the two parties earlier this week. The agreement included the return of 50 hostages held by the barbaric terrorist group.

First Group of Hostages Released

On Friday, Hamas released 13 Israeli hostages, including women and children. In a separate deal, they also released 12 Thai workers who were captured during their attack and massacre of 1,400 innocent civilians in southern Israel on October 7, 2023. However, no Americans were on the list of hostages to be released by Hamas.

Hamas Holding Out for Ransom

It is believed that Hamas is delaying the release of the second group of hostages in hopes of receiving a large payout from the Biden administration. It is reported that Joe Biden paid the regime in Iran $6 billion for the release of 5 US hostages, along with 5 Iranian hostages being held by the US.

Ongoing Efforts to Resolve the Crisis

According to a senior Hamas official, Osama Hamdan, there are ongoing efforts to "solve the problems" that led to the delay in the release of the hostages. However, it remains unclear how much influence Hamdan holds, as most of the terror group's decisions are believed to be made by its leaders in Gaza. Qatar is also reportedly involved in trying to resolve the crisis, and the Israel-Hamas truce deal has not collapsed despite the delay.