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Jim Breuer Takes Aim at ‘Woke Liberal’ Culture in Latest Comedy Special

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Laugh-Out-Loud Journey

Comedian Jim Breuer is back with his latest comedy special, "Country Boy Will Survive," and he's not holding back. Available on streaming platforms like Rumble, Breuer brings his signature blend of observational humor and storytelling to the stage.

Tackling Trump Derangement Syndrome

In one of the standout routines from the special, Breuer takes on the complex landscape of modern American politics with a focus on what he calls "woke liberal" culture. He dives deep into the absurdities and extremes of political dogmatism in today's society.

Mindset of the Obsessed

Breuer delves into the mindset of those who were seemingly obsessed with former President Donald Trump, to the point where it affected their daily lives and interactions. He hilariously impersonates the over-the-top gestures and conversations of someone who just can't escape the shadow of the Trump era.

Praise from Former National Security Advisor

Former National Security Advisor of the United States, Mike Flynn, took to social media to praise Breuer's performance. In a tweet, he wrote, "Jim Breuer nails it and this needs to trend… he is so damn funny."

Check out a clip from the special below:

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