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Newsmax Reporter Embarrasses Unhinged Pro-Palestine Protestor During Live Segment

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Protestor Interrupts Live Report

Newsmax reporter Addison Smith was reporting live on Pro-Palestine "die-ins" in California meant to disrupt Black Friday shopping when things took an unexpected turn. An unhinged pro-Hamas protester interrupted Smith and tried to take over the segment.

Protestor Calls Reporting "Fake News" and "Propaganda"

The masked protester, who was brave enough to be disruptive but not brave enough to show his face, proceeded to interrupt Smith and began calling the reporting "fake news" and "propaganda."

Reporter Schools Protestor on Facts

Smith, undeterred by the interruption, fired back at the protestor's claims. When the protestor accused Smith of making up fake news, Smith pointed out that Hamas had just released two dozen hostages that day, proving the protestor's claim false.

Protestor Shifts Topics to Misleading Video

Caught in his embarrassing attempt to discredit Smith, the protestor shifted topics and accused him of mis-editing a video from a previous protest. Smith challenged the protestor to provide an example, but the protestor struggled to do so.

Reporter Sets the Record Straight

Smith defended his video editing skills and recounted the true events of the video in question. He explained that he filmed a pro-Palestinian protestor ripping an Israeli flag from a girl, and another girl had asked him to cover his camera to avoid being labeled as "savages."

Protestor Menaces Reporter and Calls for Violence

Embarrassed by Smith's schooling, the masked protestor began to menace the reporter. He was joined by another person, and the two followed Smith to his car while filming and sharing his license plate. Smith also reported hearing someone shout a call to violence against him, which was echoed on a since-removed social media post.

Video Evidence and Social Media Posts

Smith shared a thread on Twitter documenting the encounter, including a video of the protestor's interruption. However, it appears that the video has since been removed or deleted from the social media platform.

Watch the Video:

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This incident highlights the tense atmosphere surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the challenges faced by reporters covering the issue. Smith's quick responses and fact-checking skills showcased his professionalism in the face of an unruly protestor.

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