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Pentagon Fails Sixth Audit in a Row, Raises Concerns About Accountability and Transparency

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The Pentagon's Audit Failures

The Pentagon has just failed its sixth audit in as many years, raising concerns about accountability and transparency within the Department of Defense (DOD). Despite pledges from Pentagon leaders to make improvements, there has been little positive change from the previous year's audit.

Little Improvement from Last Year

According to a statement released on Wednesday, auditors gave seven of the DOD's 29 sub-agencies a clean audit in 2023, which is the same as last year. While it's not surprising that the DOD struggles to account for its massive $3.8 trillion enterprise and $4 trillion in liabilities spread across 50 states and 4,500 sites globally, DOD officials had hoped to see incremental improvement.

The Massive Undertaking

Auditing the DOD's assets and liabilities is a massive undertaking, as stated by Pentagon comptroller Michael McCord. However, the improvements and changes being made as a result of these audits are said to positively affect every soldier, sailor, airman, marine, guardian, and DOD civilian.

Call for Accountability

The failure of the Pentagon's sixth audit has sparked calls for greater accountability and transparency. Politicians such as Senator Rand Paul and Representative Andy Biggs have taken to social media to express their concerns. Senator Paul emphasized the need to independently audit the Pentagon, while Representative Biggs highlighted the lack of consequences faced by the organization despite the disappearance of $3.8 trillion.

Federally Required Audits

The Pentagon began formally auditing itself in 2018, making it one of the last federal agencies to do so after Congress mandated the practice in 1990. Despite the audits being federally required, the Pentagon has repeatedly failed to provide explanations or documentation regarding the whereabouts of $3.8 trillion in assets.

Concerns Amidst Global Turmoil

Given the current state of the world, the Pentagon's repeated audit failures raise concerns about the level of accountability and transparency within the Defense Department. With the largest budget of any federal agency, it is crucial to ensure that the DOD is held to the same scrutiny as other institutions.