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Sandy Hook Families Demand Payment from Infowars Host Alex Jones

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Threats and Demands

The families of the victims killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting are not backing down in their fight to receive $1.5 billion in damages from Infowars host Alex Jones. Despite Jones filing for bankruptcy, the families and a group of creditors are demanding that he pay what he owes.

A History of Legal Troubles

Last year, Jones was ordered by a Connecticut jury to pay $965 million in damages to 15 relatives of the victims and an additional $473 million in attorney's fees for spreading misinformation. He subsequently filed for bankruptcy for himself and his company Free Speech Systems. However, the families allege that Jones continues to live a lavish lifestyle and has not made any effort to pay off the fine.

Jones's Failure to Comply

The families and creditors claim that Jones has not presented a viable plan to emerge from bankruptcy and has not sold any assets to pay off the debt. They accuse him of refusing to adhere to a reasonable budget and not cooperating with the committee on finding ways to limit spending. They argue that Jones has failed to fulfill his duties as a fiduciary and that his time is up.

The Cost of Bankruptcy

Jones's bankruptcy has been costly, with his estate losing $65,000 to $90,000 a month to fund his lifestyle. The families argue that the Chapter 11 bankruptcy case must be resolved soon as Jones's estate cannot sustain an indefinite bankruptcy.

Previous Rulings and Jones's Response

In October, a Texas U.S. District Judge ruled that Jones could not use bankruptcy protections to avoid paying the families of the Sandy Hook victims. Jones had previously speculated that the shooting may have been staged and spread misinformation about the event. Following the verdict, Jones announced that he would challenge the unprecedented verdict and continue fighting against the families' demands.

The Fight for Free Speech

Jones's supporters argue that the families' demands criminalize free speech and question why other media outlets have not faced legal consequences for spreading false information. They point to the Russia collusion hoax as an example and suggest that former President Donald Trump should be paid $100 billion for the false allegations.

Communists and Liberal Offense

Some supporters of Jones claim that only ideas offensive to liberals are punished and argue that the criminalization of conspiracy theories is unfair. They question why employees of mainstream media outlets have not faced legal repercussions for spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Caught on Video

In unrelated news, a video has surfaced showing four overweight female police officers attempting to arrest a male shoplifter in Chicago. The suspect managed to escape, leading to a discussion about the physical fitness requirements for law enforcement officers.

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