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France Approves Tough Immigration Bill to Expel Illegal Foreigners

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France Faces Immigration Crisis

France, like the US, is grappling with a massive influx of illegal immigrants. Political leaders across Europe, including President Emmanuel Macron, are feeling the pressure from their constituents to address this issue head-on. The situation has reached a breaking point, with Macron constantly relying on law enforcement to handle the growing number of unemployed, young migrants who are on the brink of rebellion.

Sending a Strong Message

In a significant development, French Senators have openly backed a tough immigration bill aimed at strengthening the country's ability to deport "undesirable" illegal foreigners. Originally proposed by Macron's centrist government, the bill included measures to both expel more undocumented individuals and improve integration. However, after passing through the Senate, which is controlled by the right-wing Republicans, the bill now leans heavily towards enforcement.

Stricter Immigration Policies

The Senators' version of the bill includes several changes. It restricts the ability of migrants to bring their family members into France, eliminates birthright citizenship and welfare benefits for undocumented individuals, and introduces an annual quota for migrant arrivals set by parliament. Additionally, the bill would provide only emergency medical coverage for undocumented people.

Still a Long Way to Go

While the Senate has approved the bill, it still needs to pass through the National Assembly, where no side holds a majority. The bill's fate remains uncertain, as the Republicans in the National Assembly, led by Olivier Marleix, have expressed their desire to further strengthen the legislation. Support from the Republicans or their decision to abstain will be crucial for the bill's success.

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