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Former President Trump Releases Medical Report on Biden’s Birthday

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Biden Jokes About Age and Confuses Taylor Swift and Beyonce

On Monday, former President Donald Trump took to social media to share his medical report, which seems to be a subtle jibe at Joe Biden who celebrated his 81st birthday and a turkey pardon at the White House South lawn.

Biden, who joked about his age during the annual White House turkey pardon, also confused Taylor Swift and Beyonce when talking about the origin of the massive birds.

Biden's Staffer Responds to Birthday Wishes

In an Instagram post, Joe Biden’s staffer wrote, "Thanks for the birthday well-wishes today, everyone. Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!"

Trump Releases Detailed Health Assessment

In a timing that seemed far from coincidental, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Biden’s birthday to broadcast a detailed health assessment.

The report, issued by Dr. Bruce Aronwald from Morristown Medical Group, detailed comprehensive examinations and specialist consultations, citing "excellent" overall health.

It emphasized Trump’s "exceptional" cognitive exams, "normal" cardiovascular studies, and negative cancer screenings. The report also noted Trump’s successful weight reduction through diet and physical activity, painting a picture of robust health and vitality.

Trump Challenges Biden and the Wall Street Journal to Acuity Tests

In response, former President Trump slammed the Wall Street Journal, and then he challenged Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch, his leftie sons, and the Wall Street Journal bigwigs to an acuity test!

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Trump wrote in Truth Social: "In a phony and probably rigged Wall Street Journal poll, coming out of nowhere to softened the mental incompetence blow that is so obvious with Crooked Joe Biden, they ask about my age and mentality. Where did that come from? A few years ago I was the only one to agree to a mental acuity test, & ACED IT. Now that the Globalists at Fox & the WSJ have failed to push their 3rd tier candidate to success, they do this. Well, I hereby challenge Rupert Murdoch & Sons, Biden, WSJ heads, to acuity tests!"

President upped the ante. Trump said the mental acuity challenge will now include a physical challenge.

"I will name the place and the test, and it will be a tough one. Nobody will come even close to me! We can also throw some physical activity into it. I just won the Senior Club Championship at a big golf club, with many very good players. To do so you need strength, accuracy, touch and, above all, mental toughness. Ask Bret Baier (Fox), a very good golfer. The Wall Street Journal & Fox are damaged goods after their failed DeSanctimonious push & stupid $780,000,000 "settlement." MORONS!!!" Trump wrote.