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Joe Biden’s Vacation in Nantucket Interrupted by Protests

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Motorcade Takes Alternative Route to Avoid Protestors

President Joe Biden's vacation in Nantucket, Massachusetts took an unexpected turn when his motorcade was forced to take an alternative route to avoid protestors. The president was on his way to attend Mass at St. Mary's when the motorcade made the detour, likely to avoid driving past the protestors at the rotary.

Far-Left Pro-Hamas Militants Protest at Milestone Rotary

Protestors, believed to be far-left pro-Hamas militants, gathered at the Milestone Rotary in Nantucket, chanting slogans such as "Free Palestine!" and "Permanent Ceasefire, Let Gaza Live!" Watch the video to see the protests in action.

Two Groups Clash at Milestone Rotary

There are currently two groups protesting at the Milestone Rotary in Nantucket. One group stands for Israel, holding signs that read "Americans Against Anti-Semitism." The other group is yelling "Free Palestine" and demanding a permanent ceasefire. Check out the photos of the protestors courtesy of the Nantucket Current.

Christmas Tree Lighting Interrupted by Chants of Genocide

Even the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Nantucket was not spared from protests. Demonstrators chanted accusations of genocide at Joe Biden, shouting "Biden! Biden! You can't hide! We caught you in genocide!" Watch the video to witness the tense moment during the event.

Heckling Continues as Biden Enters Restaurant

As President Biden walked down Broad Street in Nantucket, he was heckled by protesters shouting "Free Palestine!" before he entered the Brotherhood of Thieves for lunch. Despite the interruptions, Biden acknowledged an onlooker wearing a "USS Nantucket" hat and stopped to salute.