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Business Insider Speculates on What Would Happen if Donald Trump Dies While Running in the 2024 Presidential Election

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In a recent article published by Business Insider, the news outlet delves into the hypothetical scenario of what would occur if Donald Trump were to pass away while seeking re-election in 2024. This speculation comes on the heels of Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman's controversial comment that Trump needs to be "eliminated."

Adjusting Filing Deadlines

According to Business Insider, if Trump were to die before January 1, 2024, states would need to adjust their filing deadlines. This would ensure that other candidates have a fair opportunity to enter the race.

If Trump were to pass away during the primary season, which concludes in mid-June, some states may choose to postpone their scheduled primaries as a sign of respect and to allow for a more level playing field.

Republican National Convention and Beyond

Should Trump secure the GOP nomination but then pass away between the Republican National Convention and Election Day, the Republican National Committee (RNC) would convene to select another presidential candidate. This process would involve the remaining GOP candidates making their case to every state delegation at the convention.

It is important to note that these scenarios are purely speculative and do not reflect any current events or concerns. Nevertheless, Business Insider's article provides an interesting exploration of the potential outcomes if such a situation were to occur.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that the left has fantasized about a Trump assassination. Such discussions have been ongoing throughout his presidency.