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Is Obama Turning His Back on Biden?

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An Odd Fit from the Start

The relationship between former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden has always been an odd one. They served together for two terms, but it often felt like a marriage of convenience rather than a true partnership. Biden, a career politician, didn't quite fit with Obama's new breed of far-leftism. And to make matters worse, Biden lacks the charisma and speaking ability that Obama is known for.

Obama's Mysterious Silence

Recently, Obama's lack of support for Biden has raised eyebrows. According to The Washington Post, at a recent event in Chicago celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Obama's election victory, Obama barely mentioned Biden in his speech. He also failed to offer much praise for the incumbent president on a podcast appearance earlier that day. Attendees of the event reported a "pointed absence of any meaningful cheerleading for Biden."

The Obama Camp's Response

When questioned about the lack of support for Biden, a representative from Obama's camp claimed that the event was hosted by the Obama Foundation, a nonprofit that cannot engage in partisan political activity. However, attendees of the event insisted that tensions were evident and questioned why Obama wasn't being more overt in supporting Biden.

The Real Reason Behind Obama's Silence

The truth is, Obama's reluctance to support Biden stems from self-preservation. Biden's struggling presidency and declining popularity pose a threat to Obama's legacy. Obama wants nothing to do with a presidency that is seen as toxic and ineffective. It's difficult to find any tangible improvements under Biden's leadership, especially when compared to what Obama achieved during his time in office.

A Cold Shoulder

While Obama isn't openly bashing Biden, his silence speaks volumes. By not acknowledging Biden or his presidency, it sends a message that Biden is not worthy of Obama's support. This lack of acknowledgment is more concerning than any poll numbers for Biden, as it suggests that even the patriarch of the modern Democratic Party doesn't have faith in his leadership.

It remains to be seen how this strained relationship between Obama and Biden will unfold, but one thing is clear – Biden is facing an uphill battle to win over not just the American people, but also his own party's former leader.