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Leading Bitcoin Lightning Wallet Provider Withdraws from US Market

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Wallet of Satoshi Removes Application from Apple and Google App Stores in the United States

Wallet of Satoshi, a prominent provider of Bitcoin Lightning wallets, has made the surprising decision to withdraw from the US market. This move includes removing its application from both the Apple and Google app stores in the United States, signaling a significant shift in the company's focus.

User Funds Remain Safe and Accessible

In a reassuring message to its existing US customers, Wallet of Satoshi emphasized that users could transfer their holdings to alternative wallet services without any disruption to their digital assets. The company ensured the safety and accessibility of funds during this transition.

Possible Factors and Speculations Behind the Decision

Industry observers have speculated that the increasingly complex crypto regulatory environment in the US may have played a role in Wallet of Satoshi's decision. Recent legal challenges faced by major industry players, such as Binance and its former CEO, have shed light on the growing scrutiny and regulatory demands within the US crypto space.

Compliance with Local Regulations Poses Challenges

John Carvalho, CEO of Bitcoin software developer Synonym, suggested that Wallet of Satoshi's exit from the US market could be due to the company's inability or unwillingness to comply with local regulations. Carvalho emphasized the challenges posed by regulatory demands and the potential difficulty for Wallet of Satoshi to adapt to them.

Despite the Withdrawal, Wallet of Satoshi Remains a Crucial Player

Although Wallet of Satoshi is no longer operating in one of the world's largest markets, it continues to be a significant player in the Bitcoin Lightning Network ecosystem. The app has processed a substantial volume of Lightning Network payments, with projections to reach over one million transactions in November alone.

Critiques and Outlook

Some critics have raised concerns about the custodial nature of Wallet of Satoshi's application, which maintains control over user assets. However, the company holds a positive outlook for the US market and expressed hope for future developments that may allow it to resume its services in the United States. Wallet of Satoshi remains optimistic that regulatory changes could accommodate its operational model and similar crypto services.