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Right-Wing Populist Parties Gain Power Across Europe

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Netherlands: Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) Wins Big

The Party for Freedom, led by right-wing nationalist Geert Wilders, has achieved a "monster victory" in the general election in the Netherlands. Running on an anti-immigration and anti-Islam platform, the PVV secured 37 seats, more than any other party. This puts Wilders in a favorable position for upcoming coalition talks with other significant parties.

Italy: Giorgia Meloni Searches for Solutions Outside Europe

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, despite her efforts to be accepted in the EU leaders' club, has been forced to search for solutions outside of Europe due to the dire immigration issue. Italy recently announced a plan to build migrant camps in Albania as an effort to deter surging migrant departures from Africa.

France: Marine Le Pen Leads in Polls and Sows Seeds for Conservative Victories

French opposition leader Marine Le Pen is leading in the polls and has been traveling around Europe to sow the seeds for more conservative victories. Le Pen recently gathered with other far-right leaders in Portugal to show support for their Portuguese counterpart ahead of a snap election in March.

Hungary: Viktor Orbán Supports Right-Wing Leaders Worldwide

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in his fourth consecutive term, is lending his political support to right-wing leaders all over the world. Recently, Orbán spoke with the newly elected president of Argentina to congratulate him on his victory.

Germany: Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) Becomes Major All-German Party

The right-wing, anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has declared itself a "major all-German party" after winning its largest-ever vote share in a western German state. The AfD won 18.4% of the vote in Hesse, coming second only to the Christian Democratic Union. Co-leader Alice Weidel called it a breakthrough moment for the party.

Greece: Three Far-Right Parties Enter Parliament

Greece has become the only European country with three "far-right" parties in its legislature. The election of Spartans, Greek Solution, and Niki accounted for more than 12 percent of the vote, with former Golden Dawn frontman Ilias Kasidiaris backing Spartans from prison.

Belgium: "Anti-Multiculturalism" Party Leads in Polls

In Belgium, an "anti-multiculturalism" party has been leading in the polls for 14 straight months. Vlaams Belang and the New Flemish Alliance together would garner 46.3% of the vote if elections were held today. Dissatisfaction with the government's lax immigration policy is significant among the population.

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Sweden: "Fringe Anti-Islam Party" Becomes Kingmakers

In the 2022 election, Sweden saw a surge in support for right-wing parties, including a "fringe anti-Islam party" called the Sweden Democrats. Despite the political stigma around them, the Sweden Democrats secured some 20 percent of the vote, making them the second-largest party in Sweden and potentially giving them a major seat at the table in government.

Switzerland: Swiss People's Party Rebounds as Largest Parliamentary Faction

The anti-immigration Swiss People's Party rebounded from losses four years ago to become the largest parliamentary faction in Switzerland. The party gained nine seats compared to the last vote, reaching 62 seats overall in the lower house. Concerns over rising health insurance fees, climate change, and migrants and immigration were key factors in the election.

Austria: Far-Right Party Soars in Support

Austria's far-right Freedom Party, which is expected to win next year's elections, has sparked fury with a video that glorifies fascist thinkers and references the country's Nazi past. The party's hardline leader Herbert Kickl defended the video, calling it "great." The Freedom Party's rise in support has alarmed many.

Slovakia: Ultra-Nationalist Party Helps Leftwing Populist Form Government

Leftwing populist Robert Fico became prime minister of Slovakia again with the help of the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party. The leftist Smer party, led by Fico, formed a coalition government with Hlas and the Slovak National Party after capturing 22.9% of the vote in the parliamentary election.

Finland: Anti-Immigration Party Locks Seven Ministers Following Election

Following the 2023 election, Finland's conservative National Coalition, together with the eurosceptic, anti-immigration Finns Party and two smaller groups, hopes to form a majority government. The National Coalition Party (NCP) won the election and is expected to replace left-wing leader Sanna Marin as Finland's next prime minister.

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