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Christmas Tree Prices Soar Amidst Inflation Concerns

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Rising Costs for Real and Fake Trees

Thanks to Bidenomics, the cost of a Christmas tree is up about 10 percent this holiday season compared to last year. The average price is $80 to $100 per tree, according to the National and the American Christmas Tree Association. And, it’s not just real Christmas trees that have increased in cost. Fake Christmas trees are about $85 to over $1,000 per tree depending on the size and lighting options.

Consumers Still Opting for Christmas Trees Despite Inflation

Even though consumers are concerned about inflation, a majority are still deciding to have a Christmas tree in their homes. A significant portion of those surveyed opted for a fake tree. Americans are feeling the pain in their pocketbook regardless of whatever the Biden regime is telling them.

Inflation Rates Remain High

Inflation rates are still high under Joe Biden. Total household debt reached $17.29 trillion in the 3rd quarter of 2023, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Total household debt increased by $228 billion (1.3%) in the third quarter of 2023, to $17.29 trillion.

Americans Struggling with Rising Prices

Consumers are strained and drowning in credit card debt. Consumer prices rose 0.4% this fall – "hotter than expected." The core CPI excludes food and energy prices – here are the numbers for September: Grocery prices are up 19%. Please note that fuel oil prices are up 8.5% just as winter kicks in. This will be devastating for those Americans who heat their homes with fuel oil. Americans are suffering because of Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies.

The Bidens' Shopping Spree

Meanwhile, the Bidens enjoyed a shopping spree as they spent Thanksgiving weekend at a billionaire’s estate in Nantucket. @flotus and family doing some Black Friday shopping in downtown #Nantucket

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