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Poloniex Identifies Hackers Behind $126 Million Heist, Invites Police to Investigate

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Crypto exchange Poloniex has confirmed the identity of the hackers responsible for the $126 million heist

Poloniex, a major cryptocurrency exchange owned by TRON founder Justin Sun, has announced that it has successfully identified the party behind the recent $126 million hack of its platform. The exchange has also invited law enforcement agencies from the United States, China, and Russia to join its ongoing investigation in an effort to recover the stolen assets.

Message to the Attackers: We Know Who You Are

In an attempt to send a message to the hackers, Justin Sun sent small amounts of ETH to the various addresses that received the stolen funds. This action served as confirmation of the hackers' identity and showcased the exchange's determination to pursue legal action.

Hackers Beware: Stolen Assets Marked and Accounts Will Be Frozen

The message sent by Sun also revealed that all stolen assets have been marked and are no longer usable. Furthermore, the Poloniex owner warned that anyone who attempts to trade with the hackers will likely have their accounts frozen. The exchange is determined to prevent further illicit activities and protect its users.

Increased White Hat Offer: $10 Million Reward

Justin Sun initially offered the hackers 5% of the stolen assets if they returned the remainder. This offer expired on November 17, after which the exchange pledged to involve law enforcement. However, in a bid to incentivize the return of the stolen funds, Sun has now increased the reward to $10 million, a significant increase from the original offer of $6 million.

Deadline Approaching: Act Now or Face the Consequences

While the increased white hat offer presents a significant opportunity for the hackers to avoid legal repercussions, time is running out. The offer will only remain valid until November 25, after which law enforcement agencies from the United States, China, and Russia will take active measures to apprehend the perpetrators.

Poloniex is determined to bring the hackers to justice and ensure the safety of its platform and users. The involvement of law enforcement agencies marks a significant step forward in the ongoing investigation.